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Gigaphonic: Uncompressed Mixing for Soundcloud Artists

Submitted on April 07, 2013

What problem are you intending to solve?

Creating music is a social, learning and collaborative process. To make music with friends, co-workers, students or strangers, musicians need an online space to create amazing songs together!

What is the technological approach, or development roadmap?

Gigaphonic will be a web app built on HTML5 and WebRT with Flash fallbacks for audio recording and playback. Development RoadMap: Prototype Storage, audio upload and playback Audio recording Collaborative functions comments remixes pull request concept Ship it!

How will end users interact with it, and how will they benefit?

Artists can record or upload hi-definition tracks to compose multi-track songs. Multiple artists can submit tracks for a song and comment on each other’s tracks and overall composition. Artists will also be able to remix and mash-up other participating Soundcloud artists existing songs. A great education tool, a student composer/performing artist can also record and have immediate feedback from countless mentors and teachers. Overall, Gigaphonic will be a space for artists to openly collaborate on generative phonic works with other people from around the world.

How will your app leverage the 1Gbps, sliceable and deeply programmable network?

Composing quality recordings requires full-quality, uncompressed or lossless compressed tracks. Mp3 files simply won’t work for this process. When uploading tracks or downloading and playing back multiple tracks for a composition high bandwidth will be more than nice, it will be necessary.

Further application information

Additional supporting information, materials and resources

Read about project updates - project blog

Take a look at the existing code - project repository

Will your work be beta-ready by the end of the Development Challenge?

Not a chance! We only started developing the idea two weeks ago and it looks like the development challenge is over April 3rd!

How much effort do you expect this work to take?

With no change in resources or time to devote to the project, it will be relegated to free nights and weekends. There is no telling how long it might take to get something like this off the ground. With more resources and devoted time, the process would be much shorter (on the scale of months).

Do you need help?

We could certainly use one or more programmers that have some experience with audio. Anyone with audio compression and storage knowledge would be awesome. Perhaps someone that’s worked on something like Winamp, iTunes, or Soundcloud.

If you can help let them know in the comments below.


"Our mission is to inspire and educate audiences by delivering moving, incomparable and artful experiences. " Gulley/Granner is Metropolitan Opera National Council award-winning and internationally acclaimed operatic tenors and producing artists Ben Gulley and Nathan Granner. They are recognized around the world as two of The American Tenors™ from the SONY Masterworks® label. “Gulley/Granner have delighted audiences across the U.S. and Europe with their combination of great voices, humor and choice of material..." Gale Martin, They have numerous critically acclaimed opera roles on resume, major television, international tours, and concert credits between them. Their collaboration with developers Dusty Burwell, Andrew Dunkman and Courtney Beadel is one of those great stories, where people find each other and immediately click. These three power the machine of coding, designing and ideation which fit incredibly well with the tenors' skills of research, strategy and high-profile marketing. Each person has different strengths, yet the over-lap leaves room to talk and think intelligently with a critical eye. As a brand new team, they look forward to creating and generating more possibilities to bring people together. After all, that's what it is all about.

and team members

We are two web programmers, two international opera singing/producers (Gulley/Granner), and a designer. We’re a team that got together at the Hacking the Gigabit City February 2013. The Gulley/Granner bring their experiences, story-telling and high profile flair, the rest bring the programming and development talent to put together a web experience that will work for artists.

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