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Kinect Health 3D

Submitted on August 03, 2012

The problem

Get in shape with a group of peers from the convenience of your TV. Group physical therapy and fitness education.

The solution

Social fitness in the most convenient place; the family room.

Obesity is a health problem which requires both diet and exercise as a solution. Kinect Health 3D provides is a solution which educates while entertaining the participate in a peer driven social interactive TV experience. The average person in the USA watches 4.5 hours of TV every day providing plenty of opportunity for education and exercise. They love their TV's and they will love them even more with the Kinect Health 3D as they learn and participate in health activities with their peers in an interactive environment only possible on the Gig network.

Kinect Health 3D has the ability to take real-time 3D scans of the participant using standard sensing technologies and high speed computing resources in the cloud. These 3D scans are used for biometrics, fitness assessment, video play and long term progress. The 3D scans represent the basic body shape of the viewer participant. Individuals work in fitness groups which they share their progress and workouts.

Kinect Health 3D combines the use of a facebook account, Nike fuelband, Microsoft kinect sensor and an IPTV settop box (standard on any fiber network). Fuel band provides accurate feedback of the individuals physical activity, the kinect sensor takes 3D scans and the IPTV box coordinates group education and fitness activities.

Viewer participants are first placed into groups of 7 based on level of fitness. Fitness level is determined by computer driven fitness test, a 3D scan of their body using the kinect sensor and profile information. Peers are connected during commercial breaks for group sessions. Each person can see the 3D avatar/representation of the other 6. This promotes group activity and motivation.

Over time the 3D scan is used to show the participate the improvement in body shape. This system can be used to record and share with medical and therapy centers. Therapy centers may elect to use it to hold virtual therapy with large groups of people.

How will your idea make people's live's better?

Consumers who are not on a physical fitness routine or require home physical therapy can benefit. With different fitness levels and profiles the applications could be to anyone interested in keeping in shape.

How does your idea take advantage of next-generation networks?

Kinect games with a fitness element are the most like this. the 3D scanning software technology does exist, but not in this context. This system requires high speed sharing of large amounts of data between peer points to create the group sessions. The 3D render component will require computation that will not be available on the settop box, so will have to be done in the cloud. Key aspects required are low latency for instant interaction of 7 people and bandwidth.

Bob Summers

Addicted to digital communication since my first connection at 300 bps. Now enjoying the opportunity to play on a gig network. Virginia Tech and MIT grad who is passionate about Internet applications which make our lives better. Video networking expert who worked on CUSeeMe, wrote the Microsoft Netmeeting Book and over 3 million downloads of his video chat software.

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