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The Unified Online Operating System

Submitted on June 17, 2012

The problem

We have a huge amount of electronic devices that result in huge amount of processing power and storage that stays unused.The max potential is never used.

The solution

The concept i am thinking will use programming languages like Erlang that are able of distributed computing. An operating system that runs distributed given the high speeds of the future internet will give us the opportunity to have "THE MACHINE"."The Machine" will use the processing power and storage of any computer that can run this language and will create the super cloud of devices a reality.Every user online will connect p2p on the cloud and will use the distributed computing power and storage for his needs.Its like a supercomputer on every house and every pocket.

How will your idea make people's live's better?

My idea converts the high bandwidth internet of the future to massive amounts of computing power and storage.Every user on the planet will be able to have a supercomputer of his own for very little money. Universities,organisations,smart homes,traffic systems and people around the world will use this distributed operating system for their own purposes(calculations for traffic system,smart home data for evaluation etc).My idea will make the world a smarter planet because everyone will have access to an unlimited amount of processing power and data.

How does your idea take advantage of next-generation networks?

My idea takes advantage of the 1Gbps of transfer speed. Many versions of my idea already exist and one of them is amoeba.The current technological implications is of course internet speed.The challenge is how to convert all existing applications to distributed ones.Can every application or process be written in erlang.


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